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The ultimate classic yacht with some extreme modern techniques resulted in the D&D 43’, 
a pure 100% Dutch built Yacht. 

This foam cored composite hull structure features some modern esthetical aspects. Her negative bow will tend to speak of modernity but on the contrary we have seen these extremities centuries ago in naval warfare. With her custom made carbon rig this yacht is showing with her beautiful extra long overhangs an era of racing almost forgotten. The hull structure and 90% of her other hardware are constructed 
of materials which do not need so much maintenance as her older counterparts. This results in a considerate amount of annual cash-flow less in expenses. These are calculated to be approx. 90% less under normal circumstances.
Only 5 months are needed to build the whole project from A-Z.

The deck layout of this yacht reminds us of the classics from the 19th century. The twist to bring her back to the future is choosing a relative modern look by keeping all decks painted cloud white contrasting with the polished custom made stainless steel deck parts, winches and tiller. The main goal is to see less materials.

When you will see her at the docks or under sail you will think she is an old beauty with a modest modern taste. She will have an IRC rating Certificate and is intentionally developed for the Spirit of Tradition races in the Med, Caribbean and North America
Her design and newly created lines have been inspired by many yachts favoring the Scandinavian skerry cruisers, all metre class designs, hull shape of America’s Cup Yachts around 2003, Herreshof designs, Fife designs and some local Dutch lake sailing yachts. Her lines plan was created by studying all of these yachts. Drawn by hand and later faired with the aid of CAD design software. Normally today designers tend to create their lines direct from their computer. 
I insisted to draw them the old fashioned way.

Inside the cockpit there are a few modern systems. You will find the Ipod dock, waterproof electrical switches for the Tack Tick wireless navigation instruments, engine panel, voltage/fuel indicators, shore power and the engine drives. Underneath the cockpit lies the smallest and sleekest 13hp Lombardini sail-drive you can find on the market today.
The forward port-side cockpit locker is arranged as a100 liters fridge. On the starboard side a bunk is reserved for keeping personal stuff dry and safe. Other bunks are cleared for fenders and lines storage and much more. If these ones are full there is still more 
storage spaces in the lazarette. Due to her low freeboard and fine underbody she has just the space inside to store all sails and lines accessed by the flush deck hatch in front of the mast. After a night in town one can fall easily asleep inside the bow on the sailing bags. Picking up her shiny stainless steel tiller you can sail away with style and navigate without much to think about with just a great tune, sea,wind and friends.

Once in the harbor you can leave her stern to with the covers over her sails. 
You can also decide to dismantle her just in an afternoon at the nearby shipyard. 
Her keel, rudder, mast, boom and bow sprit all come off with ease. 
When ready all materials including the hull will be rolled on her own trailer into a 45ft pellet wide sea container. Ideal for winter storage!

Perhaps you are already thinking for a double season in the Med/Caribbean. Ready to be moved all over the world wherever and whenever you want.

For More information and prices please fill in the contact form.


D&D 43' One Design

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