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D&D 100’ One Design

Immerse yourself in the world of seafaring opulence with the D&D 100' One Design – a pure classic modern superyacht racer that transcends traditional boundaries. Crafted with a meticulous blend of classic design and modern innovation, this 100ft marvel is a testament to racing excellence, developed to compete with super yachts globally and participate in the Spirit of Tradition regattas.

Racing Prowess and Versatility:

The D&D 100' One Design emerges from a preliminary stage, surpassing its smaller
 counterpart to offer unparalleled racing prowess. Designed to navigate super yacht events and Spirit of Tradition regattas worldwide, this vessel combines classic styling with a modern approach, promising an exhilarating sailing experience.

Classic Features, Modern Elegance:

In the spirit of tradition, the D&D 100' is gaff-rigged and tiller-steered, reminiscent of the golden age of sailing. This classic choice is complemented by modern styling, ensuring the yacht stands at the intersection of heritage and contemporary luxury. The interior, industrial and hyper-modern, seamlessly blends the best of the past with the conveniences of today.

Efficiency through Simplicity:

Adhering to the Keep it Simple (K.I.S) philosophy, the D&D 100' One Design offers a pure racing machine at a fraction of the cost. Despite its grand dimensions, the construction costs are significantly lower compared to other 100' sailing yachts on the market. By maintaining a focus on necessities and quality, the yacht stands as a testament to the principle that less is indeed more.

Sailing as It Should Be:

With a crew requirement of just eight for racing and three for cruising, the D&D 100' One Design invites you to embrace the essence of sailing in its purest form. The gaff-rigged setup and tiller steering pay homage to the authenticity of sailing, offering an experience that echoes the grace of bygone eras.

Unveiling Elegance at a Reduced Cost:

While the end sum of constructing a superyacht of this caliber is inevitably high, the D&D 100' One Design stands as a beacon of affordability. Compared to its counterparts, the final price is approximately 50% less, a testament to the cost-saving benefits of the K.I.S philosophy. This pure racing machine maintains uncompromising quality while ensuring that every component serves a real and essential purpose.

Embark on Superyacht Excellence:

For more information and pricing details about the D&D 100' One Design, we invite you to take the first step. Fill in the contact form, and let us guide you toward a world where classic elegance meets modern racing prowess. The D&D 100' One Design beckons, promising an unparalleled journey on the open seas – where racing legacy meets contemporary luxury, and simplicity takes center stage. the contact form.

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