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DD 43 One Design

Theo Danel


Enter the world of Theo Danel, a versatile individual recognized for his talents as an artist, writer, and naval architect. His journey unfolds as a nuanced narrative, marked by a blend of artistic expression, literary pursuits, and a deep connection with the maritime realm.

Theo initiated his academic journey at Parsons School of Design in Paris, dedicating two years to refining his painting skills. Subsequently, he delved into the complexities of Art History for an additional two years at the University of Amsterdam. His artistic endeavors extended beyond the canvas and on writing too—a testament to his commitment to both visual and literary arts.

The allure of the sea, however, has been a constant in Theo's life since the age of four. Navigating various water bodies worldwide, he fostered an intimate bond with the oceans. In 2001, he attained his commercially endorsed Dutch Yacht Master certification, marking a transition from skippering classic yachts and engaging in regattas to a more profound connection with maritime pursuits.

In 2005, Theo made a significant decision to delve into naval architecture, enrolling at the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology. Completing his studies in January 2009, he simultaneously worked on practical projects involving structural drawings, troubleshooting issues on existing yachts, and overseeing two complete restorations.

During his final year of studies, Theo led the conversion and restoration of the sailing yacht Iona, designed by William Fife. This hands-on project showcased his expertise in naval architecture and fueled a passion for revitalizing classic vessels.

Today, Theo stands at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, driven by an enduring enthusiasm for the evolving yachting industry. His commitment to excellence fuels his pursuit of a distinctive niche, marked by fresh ideas and yacht designs grounded in innovative concepts and a discerning philosophy.

Explore Theo Danel's world—a narrative woven with threads of artistry, literature, and maritime expertise. Each stroke of his brush and every voyage across the gentle waves reflects a life lived with an appreciation for the beauty found both in creative expression and the vast embrace of the open sea.

Associate Member of The Royal Institution of Naval Architecture 


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